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Step back from all the things you did and try to see the big picture. Write about your expectations. This could influence what you put in or leave out!

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While logging your trip can be a bit annoying sometimes, it will reward you later you have a full journal to read back on that rainy Sunday afternoon back home. After Malaysia, I am in a good mood again. I remember standing on the edge of the waterfall trying to convince Laura to jump. Packing List This is where I like to go back and revisit my packing list from a previous trip. Once you know what you want to do, do some research and figure out the best way to do it. I often find myself thinking of things I need in the most random places and will just record them on my phone or something handy. While this might sound like an incredibly anally retentive thing to do, it works. Perhaps you missed a place you really wanted to see. Did you learn anything new about yourself on the trip? The problem is that you will probably be having so much fun during your trip that keeping a journal will be the last of your concerns. Writing every day, even small details, will help you maintain your momentum.

Future Trip Planning I always like to reflect back on previous journal entries before planning the next trip. My backpack always contains a pair of scissors and a small stick of glue, useful for many things but especially intended to help augment my travel journal.

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When you are in transit be sure to update your journal before you grab your book, your travel guide, or your music player; make sure it becomes a habit. Cement Memories By writing things down while fresh in your mind you will not only remember the finer details but you will help that memory stick. We hope these journal prompts help! I also remember the delicious Laap a Laotian dish I had at the night market later that day. What was it like? Related Articles. What did you smell, taste and hear? Illustrate it The act of drawing a building, termite mound or person will help to etch them in your memory.

Speaking of attractive: it might be a personal preference, or a completely neurotic habit, but I like to alternate the color of the pen I use each day.

It can sometimes be difficult to create those moments if you are travelling together, in which case you just have to pardon your travel buddy for a moment while you take a bit of time out to write.

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Here are some tips for maintaining a travel journal. For a lot of countries I may have 10 dishes I want to try.

travel journal examples
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How to write the perfect travel diary