Violence at sporting events

One fan, Patrick Nugent, was arrested and another six fans were ejected. Passionate fans can often take their enthusiasm too far, which can cause violence and mayhem. An abuser might, for example, exert control over partners during a sports match by not allowing them to enter the room when a sports match is playing.

After Marvin Hagler knocked out Alan Minter in three rounds to win boxing's world middleweight title at Wembley Arena inmany of Minter's supporters began to throw beer cans, bottles and other objects into the ring.

Messenger While sports can bring fans together in celebration and camaraderie, researchers have documented a more troubling trend that accompanies these major events — a frightening increase in domestic violence.

Alluding to how boorish their in-state rivals were just two months earlier, he angrily reminded Bengals fans "You don't live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati!

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But no matter what the reason, one in three women and one in four men in the U. Burroughs' teammates charged out to his aid, followed by hundreds of Cleveland fans who poured onto the field; in the ensuing chaos, Indians manager Ken Aspromonte ordered his players to grab bats and protect the Rangers from their own fans, Rangers manager Billy Martin grabbed a bat and ran into the crowd, Cleveland pitcher Tom Hilgendorf was hit in the back of the head with a metal chair, and chief umpire Nestor Chylak was hit in the head with a chair thrown from the stands and required stitches.

The switch put the wind at the Browns' back, and the Browns wound up winning on a field goal that barely cleared the crossbar. You may also be interested in the following: big sport event essay How to cite this page Choose cite format:. When order was restored and game officials reviewed video of the incident, a total of 13 players were ejected—four from Australia including Kickert and nine from the Philippines.

Witte was not the only victim of violence, as a larger brawl broke out, with two other Gophers, Jim Brewer and future Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfieldattacking other Ohio State players.

Kind died on the grass, and Kfar Gvirol was suspended from any activity indefinitely.

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Violence in sports