Very short essay on a visit to a historical place

write a paragraph on visit to historical place

Which spots did you visit there? India is a really big country with numerous options for traveling. Then we went to the historical highest point known as Damdama. My intention behind going to Agra was the Taj. Lots of Indians and foreigners arrive daily to enjoy the beauty of Hawa Mahal.

Very short essay on a visit to a historical place

I was agreed and left me on a train journey and arrived in Agra. At last, the day and time approached. It is known all over the world as a dream in marble.

There are lots of verses of Quran in it, mostly written in Arabic. Ages after ages arrived and passed; great kings arose and fell, Delhi in all its majesty stands as the witness of the glorious past. To learn the history will enrich our knowledge and let us understand about our ancestors.

These adventures have many shapes such as educational and recreational trips, visits to attractive places and picnic parties.

Essay on a visit to a historical place for class 8

We descended the well where the green enjoyed scented baths. Essay: A visit to a historical place In the last summer vacation I got an opportunity to visit Delhi, the capital of India. Taj Mahal has a really brief history. It stands outside the city of Agra on the banks of river, Yamuna. Agra is one of the most beautiful cities in India. We did not fail to see the Lahore Zoo. I always enjoy visits to historical places very much.

We also did some shopping. I am suggesting and recommending everyone to visit Jaipur.

a visit to a historical place essay 100 words
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Visit to a Historical Place Essay for All Class