Using animals for scientific research essay

Using animals for scientific research essay

Through these surveys it has become apparent that the younger the person is the more likely they are to disagree with animal testing. Humans are not the only living things that benefit from animal testing, many vaccinations and treatments for different types of animals have also been discovered through the same means.

Should animals be used for testing new drugs and medical procedures

In conclusion, it is cruelty to animals to use them as experiment objects and expose them to dangers. Therefore, some animals sadly have to die. In: Debates Animals and Plants Should animals be used in research? On the one hand it is considered morally wrong to use animals in this way solely for human benefit. We have grown from an international organization catering for students all over the world, and we are now offering an additional UK-based service for UK students, with UK writers. You are not stealing anything, because you have paid for our services. For pharmacists, for instance, it is only reasonable to use animals to test the safety of new drugs for people. Firstly, animals testing has many life-saving cures and treatment Random FAQ : How long does it take to write my paper? Europian molecular biology organization. This is around times more animals than the number used in scientific research. On November the 29th, a Dalmatian named Pepper was captured and then went on to be used in experiments. Animals have been used in scientific research for centuries.

It is like sacrificing the animals for the humans to continue living, which the animal lovers find unacceptable. Is it ethical to use animals in research?

Nevertheless, there are things that we can consider when it comes to use of animals in scientific research.

animal rights vs medical research

In this essay I will be explaining some important key points such…. Legally, all drugs have to be tested on animals for safety before they can be used in humans. No Many animals are used for experiments and then killed. Are your papers ever resold?

Animal testing benefits

What will my completed order look like? The Animals Act of ensures that any research using animals must be fully assessed in terms of any harm to the animals. One side of the argument says that using animals is the only way to safely test a product before it reaches the public Animal Experimentation Is Wrong? If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay Sauce, Animals used in scientific research. In the unlikely event that you are not at all happy with your paper, we offer a guarantee to rewrite it free of charge, as long as you can show that the writer did not fulfil your original specifications. The Draize test, checks the toxicity of a product to eyes on bunnies, which may result to blindness or even death. Will my writer revise my paper? The time-frames are specified by our customer. Secondly, the use of animals as experiment objects is a form of torture to them because for the scientists to get accurate results, they have to inject the animals severally. In conclusion, it is cruelty to animals to use them as experiment objects and expose them to dangers. How does one decide which animals is the one to be tested on

Animal experimentation is the use of animals in scientific research.

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Essay about Using Animals in Research and Experimentation