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WebTeach supports an approach to teaching and learning on the web that is more akin to an asynchronous virtual classroom than it is to an instructionally designed and packaged educational experience. If you have enough technical support or nous, and your own server, you can download the Sloodle source code and install it on your own Moodle installation.

To support use of these lessons a method for providing online course context, course organization and course communications tools is created. This system has the facility to conduct courses to students from different locations using internet, interact with them, send them mails and conduct examinations.

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What's nice is that these blogs are free to use, although some may be free to specific groups of educational professionals or learners. The patent is referenced in a patent filing 6, by representatives of BlackBoard, Inc.

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A first version with an integrated web-based authoring environment has been going online at 2 November WordPress is known for its excellent community support. This is an open source tool. MultiURL is a tool that allows users to combine multiple links into just one shortlink, which can then be shared more easily. ZOHO : Zoho is an office productivity suite that works much like Google Docs in that you have access to spreadsheet, word, and an online presentation tool. This is a truly intuitive tool, especially if you're already familiar with Microsoft Office. Office Suites The tools listed below behave just like any other commercial office suite applications. WOLF is still in use at the University today, and undergoing continual development to meet the ever-changing needs of education. Cute PDF : No adware, spyware, or malware involved. CMS Matrix : It would be impossible to list all content management systems here, so this site does it for us. But, what if you could gain access to file converters, presentation tools, and other management resources from almost any computer? The company was formed by the WCB developers in order to provide support and services to other educational institutions who were using WCB.

In a more powerful system was proposed for the WWW. Cisco Senior Consulting Engineer George Ward developed training for teachers and staff for maintenance of school networks. These tools could make your life a little easier or at least help you out of a jam.

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The sky's the limit on what you can do with these tools. It was first called Landonline, then later called Edutools. Parents and Students can view notes from teachers through school zip code.

Annenberg Learner : This tool is a haven for educators because they can find a plethora of free videos to enhance their teaching.

Mindomo : Mindmapping is a highly productive method of visual brainstorming that you can use to plan projects or to map out a knowledge base.

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