Thesis animal abuse

Transition: First, I am going to talk about the different types of animal cruelty.

Thesis animal abuse

The person did not know why until giving the dog an overlooking. Kevin Brunson was also accused of harming an animal. I believe that animal testing is wrong, and in this speech I will talk about how it is unethical, unreliable and very wasteful. Animal cruelty and neglect are huge problems in the United States, therefore organizations such as the ASPCA are needed to start the process of prevention. A lot of stray dogs and cows can be visibly seen almost in every street. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur, although opinions differ with respect to the method of slaughter. Think of all the things we as mankind are unaware of. Then set the expectations for who your audience is: fellow students, zoo owners, domestic pet owners, or perhaps animal abuse activists. They would stand up for themselves. It also seeks to explain why societies may choose some of the punishment options they do. Companion animal: A pet or companion animal is an animal kept for a person's company, as opposed to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals and sport animals which are kept for economic reasons Kernerman, Between seventeen and twenty-two million animals are used in research each year.

Every day in the United States, animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival. Animal cruelty just is not owners beating their pets.

I will start by presenting some basic animal cruelty laws.

animal cruelty essay conclusion

An animal organism other than a human, especially a mammal is regarded as animal Houghton, There are numerous opinions on how this issue can be solved, these include; - Creating more animal protection laws e.

Humans and animals sustain a relationship of mutual benefit. There are many cases of animal abuse all over the world report or unreported and it needs to be stopped.

Conclusion examples Conclusion: A wild elephant is a beautiful and majestic sight, roaming free across the plains or woodlands with their close relatives and offspring.

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Animal Cruelty Essay Examples