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The libraries of the sampled schools are far from a modern or a standard library because it is characterized with few books and furniture that can barely take a few numbers of students at a time. The above statement therefore justifies a discussion of influence of instructional materials on both the learners and educator during teaching and learning in any given situation. To analyze this research question, items 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 in the questionnaire were used. American International Journal of Contemporary Research. Academic performance of language-minority students and all-day kindergarten: a longitudinal study. Akinson , says that it gives rise to a more effective learning than lecturing. Many of the students use the library to run away from classes or to play with their colleagues.

The problem teachers and students encounter in our educational system include inadequate teaching and learning materials. Archived information.

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The relationship is moderately positive 0. Question fourteen 14also affirmed that models also make lessons interesting when used. But if instructional materials are used in teaching social studies it will arouse the interest of learners.

The result of the findings indicate that the use of instructional materials facilitate and enhance effective teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools. The workshop and restaurant do not in any way Munda, S.

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Daily Times. Research result showed that the availability and adequacy of most of the instructional materials and school facilities and instructional materials were just a little. Eya, Do school facilities affect academic outcomes? The Federal government budget of N3 trillion has allocated only N billion to education. Pp Ayeni and Akinola recorded that most secondary schools lack well equipped staffrooms and more conducive classrooms to achieve quality assurance. Lyons, J. Availability of reference books was This cannot be effectively achieved except something vital that can captivate the expected interest is presented to the learners as aids. Bouska, M. Abstract Chapter One: Introduction 1. Science laboratory is It will inform the Sokoto state government on how available and adequate instructional materials and educational facilities are in her secondary schools in Silame local government. Contrarily, the available classrooms were not utilized to its capacity as some of the classes were overcrowded and without windows and doors.

Teachers job performance stress as a correlate to job satisfaction in selected Secondary schools in Ife Central Local Government zone of Osun State. Ogbu, stated that when adequate instructional materials are provided to the teachers, they feel energized and motivated and their sense of ownership and empowerment increased.

Lyons and Earthman report that students who attend better buildings have test scores varying from 5 to 17 percentile points higher than students in substandard facilities. The data analysis was done using statistical tools such as percentages, frequencies, means, correlation and scattered plot graph.

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Quality, relevance and access to education can be attained if and only if educational materials are properly available and utilized in an educational institution. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia

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The Influence of Instructional Facilities on Students’