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Prompt: Baird explores a very personal theme, using many small details from her own experience.

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For example, "slam poems are like omelettes It's a feeling. This clip from Brave New Voices features two girls protesting the stereotyping of Muslims with some very effective language choices and powerful images. Some students love it, some think he goes too far. Prompt: These girls chose an issue that was important to them and took a stand. Heads up, this poem, "Sign Language" by Rives, has several swear words but they are not particularly offensive. Do you really want to take credit for that? Taylor, are you really proud of wasting 40 minutes of study time when your students could have been doing real learning? I'll give you a hint. And for each, I'm going to offer you a brief prompt you could share with your students in a writing workshop after watching and scoring the video. I find this poem very striking, and I think your students will too. Write a poem with advice. How will children learn to collaborate if you arbitrarily decide they can't. Write a poem to disprove a commonly held belief or trite saying. Whenever I encounter great Slam resources, I add them to my Poetry Slam Pinterest page , so feel free to follow along for a stream of ideas and inspiration.

Write a poem about one or many people who have made you see the world differently. Then I start calling on people.

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My students generally find this poem pretty hilarious, and it provides a nice example of a slam poem that is not necessarily political or strongly message-driven.

I think he gets most things bang on, but words can't express how disapointed I was when I saw Taylor Mali make Seth's Blog. Last month I wrote a post all about how to do itso today I'm going to focus on ten amazing video clips you can use as part of your slam unit.

When it comes to writing instruction, she brings a creative twist. Let's take a look at Taylor Mali's little poem: "I can make kids work harder" - Kids don't work, they learn.

Betsy loves to travel the world she'll be back, Morocco! Students have hugely varied reactions to her purposely awkward delivery style and hilarious overarching comparison. I doubt you were ever able to make someone feel sorry It has something to do with that 40 minutes of solitary confinement you love so much.

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Taylor mali how to write a political poem video children