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These forms of generation can all be started with relative ease. Due to this fact, completion period has been extended resulting in daily power cut which can extended to 14 hours a day.

Solar energy is beneficial in numerous ways, including helping the environment Wind produces energy using a windmill this is compared with the energy produced when pedaling a bike. Solar energy has been used for a while and people need to realize that there are better options than just purely solar; one of these options is better because it has more reliability, a lower cost and a higher rate of en Hydrogen is an ideal renewable energy source that can be stored, transportable, and convertible to electricity using fuel cells as clean energy source without producing CO2.

Hence the maximum power point of PV array is tracked to maximize the efficiency of Photovoltaic system. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory finds that houses with rooftop solar panels sell for higher prices than similar non-solar homes.

As technology progresses, the costs are projected to decrease, thus becoming more accessible for businesses and homeowners alike. The solar industry still has not made its true impact on wider range use and distribution.

If this plan turns into realization, until Europe could own and use ten sources for energy generation, including seven that are renewable.

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The solar industry uses similar materials as the computer industry, such as microchips, to produce the silicon-based solar panels. There are a few sources of renewable energy sources that humans have put into use since the twentieth century; solar energy, hydroelectric energy also known as hydropower, and wind energy.

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Presently, fossil fuels provide us with heat and electricity. A few of the new alternatives to energy is wind, geothermal, and solar. The electrons flow out of the solar panel into an inverter and other electrical safety devices. Wind produces energy using a windmill this is compared with the energy produced when pedaling a bike. Our major source of energy now is fossil fuel. This topic is very challenging because costs of electricity that is provided by solar energy is around 3 to 6 times more expensive than the current prices of electricity. In addition, the light that the sun gives off has the potential to become the predominant source of energy for society as it exists today. This paper will focus on three aspects of deploying rooftop solar: cost, efficiency, and permitting.

Without solar energy, oxygen and food would be rare to find; mostly from the fact that the sun brings forth all life on planet Earth. Solar energy is produced using solar panels that capture the rays of the sun and convert them, through photovoltaic generation, into electrical energy Hinrichs,

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