Shortening school days essay example

Shortening school days essay example

They do not want to be tired for school the next day. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Brains work 6 hours a day with classwork, tests, etc. When a student is tired and drained, all they want to do think about sleep. A way to help fix this problem is with introducing a method called Block Scheduling. Stress can cause many problems such as causing grades to fall. That is the case with many students in the United States. In the Duval school district in Florida, for example, moving to a four-day week produced only a 0. The multicultural classroom is a learning environment that should be most effective because of the simple fact that it should encompass everyone. People over the years have researched school hours and how it affects kids minds and work ethic. A longer school year would develop discipline and.

Students need shorter school days to finish homework assignments and to go to bed on time. Brains need a break before they have to their homework. Although academic work is vital, these extra-curricular activities are also significant for students because they teach responsibility and teamwork.

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The school schedules of today are designed for the needs of someone during the Industrial Revolution, and not for kids of the 21st century. Any savings would come from reduced transportation and cafeteria costs and bus drivers and food service workers would bear the brunt of those savings.

School days are much longer than they should be.

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A way to help fix this problem is with introducing a method called Block Scheduling. The schools in question rearranged the week by cutting one day — typically a Monday or Friday — and adding the extra hours to the other four.

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This extra fun would eliminate stress. Unite If a person does well in school the chance that he or she will succeed in life is very high.

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Longer School Days Essay