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After 13 years, Jefferson County, Colo. The main goal of the country is to raise Kim-respecting workers.

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Students should use that time to be getting educated for the real world and not to just pass a test. Little wonder that taxpayers are legitimately wary.

Let children be children at the weekend. Week end. This is what is incredibly useful in later life. With our adolescents maturing physically quicker than the generations before them, but remaining mentally immature. Rocketship Education, a small but growing network of elementary charter schools in San Jose, Calif.

Second, many began focusing on increasing teachers professionalism. Saturday schools give children extra help, push them ahead in their homework and encourage a positive work ethic in their early years to meet deadlines and fulfil the expectations of their teachers.

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They are then often expected to spend additional hours each week on homework. Yet American public education is so hard to change in fundamental ways—so much like turning an aircraft carrier or, as Admiral Hyman Rickover once remarked, moving a cemetery—that reform typically comes by adding something on top of what we already have.

Yes, it will disrupt everything from school-bus schedules to family vacations.

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Are Saturday schools for children a bad idea?