Restaurant automation software requirements specification

The order is seen by the cooks in the kitchen who can right away start preparing the order.

srs document for restaurant management

Each user will have a unique surname and password. All these layers are crossconnected with Common Layer, as shown in Figure This document specifies the requirements for a restaurant paper menu and ordering replacement strategy to alleviate the problems associated with the current method.

srs document for restaurant management system pdf

Lastly, this SRS is intended for the stakeholders and management of the Amiable Aromas Cookies and Coffee Shop in general, and the systems engineers, analysts, designers, implementers, testers, maintenance, and the users themselves in particular.

Similarly, the User Manager is responsible for authenticating the waiter and allocating unique ID for customers smartphone to satisfy nonfunctional requirement security and functional requirement R6.

CR14 A customer shall be able to disengage bill mode to cancel the billing process through their engaged menu.

restaurant management system introduction

Additionally, it should take and archive data provided to it by the CMMS. Thus, while the software covers the majority of the system's functionality, it relies on a number of external interfaces for persistence and unhandled tasks, as well as physically interfacing with humans.

Srs document for food ordering system

Without automation the management of the hotel has become an unwieldy task. The class diagram of figure 3. The Web Interface Layer provides core functionalities of the menu management system as web services to fulfill the requirement R5. Display create order form and choose food 4. Add a employee. GR6 A tablet shall be capable of interfacing with a register to facilitate the accurate processing of a payment. This data will include records of all orders and transactions system states and state changes executed by the CMMS. It contains information about its current mode and its unique identification number. Finally, it is further assumed that the deployment environment is capable of supporting an IEEE
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Restaurant Automation System