Research england paper

Research england paper

At the same time, we also invited English Higher Education Institutions HEIs to participate in a pilot exercise to further test and refine the proposals outlined in the consultation.

There is no single dominant emerging business model for supporting open-access publishing of monographs; a range of approaches will coexist for some time and it is unlikely that any single model will emerge as dominant.

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In-scope journal articles and conference proceedings are required to comply with the current REF OA policy in order to be considered eligible for submission to REF It could be used to teach and practice reading and writing, and it enabled the emergence of a reading public that consumed and shared the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, among others. Read this next. We are optimistic about the potential for open access to sustain and enhance scholarly communications in the humanities and social sciences, and we are confident that open-access monograph publishing initiatives will continue to grow over the coming years. Participants engaged in a series of workshops between March and May The UK Funding Bodies believe this will: enable the prompt and widespread dissemination of research findings benefit both the efficiency of the research process and economic growth driven by publicly funded research increase public understanding of research. HEFCE monographs and open access project In partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council, the former HEFCE commissioned a project to investigate the issues and help identify potential ways forward for research funders, institutions, publishers and academics interested in open-access monographs. The OA policy for the REF after next will be communicated following an analysis of the responses to the consultation.

This will often mean that the open-access version reflects all academically necessary textual and presentational elements. Where predictions that printed books and newspapers are dying once seemed far-fetched, the future now seems less certain.

There will be legitimate reasons why some monographs cannot be open access, and we will be flexible about the proportion of monographs submitted to a future exercise that will be expected to meet open-access requirements.

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Partial access would not be sufficient, and might put the academic integrity of the monograph at risk. We wish to see a gradual but definite move towards open access for monographs.

Further experimentation is required to identify and develop business models that are cost-effective and scalable, paying due attention to the 38 need for the monograph publishing ecosystem to remain sustainable, innovative and diverse.

This contrasts with, for example, Italy, where major centres like Fabriano emerged.

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