Policies affecting the safeguarding of children

What to do if you are worried a child is being abused - This advice is for anyone whose work brings them into contact with children and families, including those who work in early years, social care, health, education including schoolsthe police and adult services.

child protection procedures

These are factors defined as those, where, if actions could be taken through national or local interventions, the risk of future child deaths could be reduced. It promotes the Every Child Matters outcomes to reinforcing how important it is for all child careers to work together. Find out more Healthy and unhealthy relationships Find out how to recognise the signs that a young person is in an unhealthy relationship and what action you can take.

As of the 29th Junelocal authorities must transition from LSCBs to safeguarding partners and transfer child death review partner arrangements by the 29th September All staff understand the importance of establishing a safeguarding code of conduct within sessions, and inform each child upon starting their therapeutic intervention, the basis of this by giving out an Unravel safeguarding information leaflet.

Schools are strongly reminded to ensure that students with SEN and disabilities have a greater availability of mentoring and support, as they could be more vulnerable to safeguarding issues.

It is relevant to those working in the statutory, voluntary or the independent sector, and applies in relation to all children and young people irrespective of whether they are living at home with their families and carers or away from home.

Anyone can make a referral in these circumstances; it does not need to be the designated safeguarding lead. Partnerships are expected to name schools and other educational providers as relevant agencies.

childrens acts and laws

Its protects us against torture or inhumane treatment, forced labour, discrimination everyone is equal among other things.

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