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Endangered species are plants or animals expected to die off within a few years. Unfortunately, the natural systems we depend on are at risk, and plants and animals worldwide are disappearing.

For more endangered species look through the Internet websites —there is a lot of information on the topic.

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Scientists have predicted that the polar bears will not survive an entire loss of sea-ice cover during the summer. The Biology of Rarity.

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Tell that your animal is endangered and should be saved or protected. Or is it far too late to save our species that are dying out?

Essay on endangered species 250 words

An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct due to three possible reasons: it is few in numbers. This gave the federal government the responsibility to protect endangered and threatened species, as well as critical habitat. Now, in recent years it has been the Bali tiger, West African black rhinoceros, American cheetah and hundreds of others. Keystone Species and the Importance of Raising Endangered Species Awareness Endangered Species Awareness Extinction is a natural occurrence that transpires at a natural rate of about one to five species per year. Such a technological breakthrough provides confidence that we will soon have the endangered species problem under control. What is causing the animal to become endangered? Should we try to preserve endangered cultures and their languages? Call to action- What should everyone do about the situation? The Endangered Species Act is a good thing because it has provided a set way in helping to protect different species. For some it 's a question with an obvious answer, for others In particularly, in Vietnam, South China tiger and Asian elephant are two But, of course, the task of writing an endangered species essay is not an easy one. Related documents. End with a concluding sentence.

If the environment is demolished it forces inhabitants to flee from the territory, they adapted to for hundreds of years and migrated to a different environment. There is one latent reason that lies in the bottom of animal and plant extinction and poses the single greatest threat to the biological diversity of our planet.

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Endangered Species Essay Sample and Writing Guide