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The photos that I got from my manufacturer were decent, but nothing special.

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Over the next few days, I observed the same thing happening several times. Here, you can contact any affiliate website or get a traffic generator tool to list down your products or store on various sites from where you can drive traffic and sales. With more and more phones being released each year, the demand for new cases to protect mobile phones goes up. I kept the targeting similar to my original ads, but excluded all devices except for the iPhone 6S. Within a couple days, I started getting emails back from YouTubers interested in taking me up on my offer. No, unless you want money from investors. How many potential customers are there for a phone case business? How are you doing today and what does the future look like? We ranked these websites in order of relevance, potential market size, possibilities for growth, and how active average buyers are. My personal favorite thing about print-on-demand companies is the automation process.

So I isolated each phone case and pasted it into my Unsplash photo overtop of the iPhone in the original image. As the middleman, it will be your job to market products and when you get orders, you forward it to your supplier, who will then ship it to your customer.

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Although I often find myself navigating away from exit intent popups on other websites, this one proved to be very successful at building out my email list quickly. In , it was reported that 2. Apple accessories that are unique, well designed, and creatively photographed typically perform very well on the website. Etsy, eBay, Amazon. Hitting My First Roadblock I was pretty excited after getting my first ads off the ground, so I checked back often to see how they were doing. Like, you should avoid colors like pink or yellow if you are selling mobile phones, unless your target audience is just females. There are a lot of factors at play when selling direct to customers DTC or selling to retailers. This means disposable income is increasing too. This is one of the first cases I made. My first order came in just a couple days later and was quickly followed by a second order just a couple hours later.

It was very barebones with product photos I took myself on my iPhone camera. I showed my friends and family some of the first cases I made and they really liked them.

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I was officially given the go ahead to start selling these phone cases. After hand-making that order, I decided I needed a better method to punch the holes in the cases because I was starting to develop serious hand cramps from punching the holes and screwing in so many studs.

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Especially since I was focused on boosted posts for my ads. Or, are they long, thoughtful, relevant? Do their posts have engagement?

Online mobile selling business case

Engagement on them was great; within less than an hour, I saw reactions and comments rolling in on my post. I knew my future customers were going to love their products. Before searching for your product source, it is necessary that you make up your mind on What exactly you want to sell. A few days later, I was tweaking some settings in Shopify. For mobile accessories, you can categorize products as headphones, mobile cases, chargers, power banks, memory card, etc. Primary Sidebar. Putting My Email List to Good Use My Facebook ads were continuing to drive steady traffic to my store, and I wanted to use this to help grow my email list. Many influencers are happy to collaborate on these terms, especially if they really like the product. Speaking to a niche , a group of people who feel passionately about a specific interest, through your designs will give you an edge in terms of garnering interest.

However, this can also offer an opportunity to dig into specific niches based on phone models. These cases are almost always branded and come at a premium.

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As it gathers data about people who are more likely to engage with your audience, Facebook will become more effective at serving your ads to the right audiences. Engagement rate is calculated by dividing the total amount of followers by the number of likes on a piece of content. As a test, I also built a traditional video ad, but within a few days the non-traditional one was outperforming the traditional one by far. The iPhone in the original stock photo cast a shadow beneath the case, creating a convincing illusion that made my photoshopped image look completely real. Even if the followers are real, if the account promotes products constantly, then the value of the suggestion from the influencer decreases. So how do you avoid promo accounts? No, unless you want money from investors. Product Reviews with the Product Reviews Addon. If you can foresee a need for cases for upcoming phones or spot any underserved smartphone types, there may also be an opportunity to consider. I would also recommend having multiple ecommerce channels. Setting these partnerships up takes a lot of time and energy, could that time be better utilized in other ways to grow your business? There are currently more cell phones than human beings on the planet.

As a test, I also built a traditional video ad, but within a few days the non-traditional one was outperforming the traditional one by far.

SEO or search engine optimization is a time taking process, but extremely important.

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How I Made $4, in 9 Weeks Selling Phone Cases