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Mangalam, and Uma.

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Malathi confrontsMr. The youngman who challenged Cameron earlier is still passed out on the floor. Chapters Analysis In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, nine people are trapped in the basementof the Indian consulate where they have been waiting for visas.

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After their wedding, Naina changed,ordering him around, buying expensive things for herself on her own allowance andreminding him of his low circumstances. She brings him his Quran for comfort.

Uma finishes her story by saying that years later, Jeri tracked her down.

One amazing thing summary

As she waits, she reads Chaucer, wonders if her as much as she loves him, and an African American man who appears to be heard. Pritchetts story is from his childhood. Out of breath, he reaches for his inhaler, which has only five doses left. Until they calm down and begin to help each other, there are a number of minor skirmishes and instances of people looking out primarily for themselves. Highly recommended. Uma remembers that her father had played the guitar when he was in college and her mother had met him as an adoring fan. Clearlythe Tariq of the opening chapters is distrustful of others and yet looking misguidedly tobe praised for heroic actions.

Mangalam has a secret stash of bourbon in his office andhints that he has behaved unprofessionally toward her. When the girl got something right, Ravi would hug her.

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One night Mrs. As a result, he was spoiled amongsthis siblings. When he finishes his story, everyone is quiet. His wifes family exerts influence to threaten Mr.

One amazing thing summary pdf

He tells Uma only thathe and his wife are going to India to stay in a palace, but he does not say that Mrs. As a believer in karma, he agrees that he must be to blame for the earthquake. Cameron is holding onto guilt from something thathappened thirty before, when he met a girl named Imani at a party and began arelationship with her. From above, the survivors hear sounds that could mean a rescue is at hand. He checks the office phones, which are still out. Also, he has beeninfluenced by Farah, a devout Muslim who came from India on a scholarship to study in America. Umas story ends the tales as the group reaches its uncertain destination at the end of along journey. Tariq starts his story. Tariq, a young Muslim man who was raised in America, has recently become critical of American culture and government and has become more engaged in his Muslim roots thanks to his girlfriend and a group of more radical friends. Pritchett is depressed.

They scream but do not hear a response. Pritchett confesses that she jumped at the chance to go to India when her husbandsuggested it.

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Pritchett do not rekindle a romance with each other. Balan witnessed Ravi tutoringNirmala, a servant girl. She is shattered. Uma is trying to call Ramon when a rumble is felt throughout the building. Click here to see the rest of this review Initially the natural selfish instinct for survival overtakes all the nine people, till Cameron and Uma both realize that the only way they might be able to stay alive is if they share whatever little food and water they have. At that point Mrs. When Malathi returned, shamefacedly, to explain her actions, Lola surprised her bybeing pleased. But Naina using her rich father's clout engineered Latika to get arrested on a false charge and that was the end of Mr Mangalam's dreams.
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