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These awards are intended to enhance and improve the conduct of dissertation research by doctoral students who are pursuing research in biological anthropology that enhances basic scientific knowledge. Lots of very smart people get their proposals rejected. I would not expect a non-specialist to necessarily know what I was talking about when I used terms like "eigenvalue", "centroid," or "betweenness," so I would define them. The trick is to write enough to show that you have fluency in the field, have an interesting and scientifically important project that you can actually do in 12 months within the ten pages that you are allotted. There's nothing like looking at 20 grant applications -- and talking about in committee -- to learn what works and what doesn't. If a term is problematic, define it. Don't come across as a pompous jackass.

Your goal should be to force readers to engage with your ideas not to get distracted by sloppiness. Avoid, in particular, phrases like "I believe A spaghetti diagram is just a waste of toner.

Leave your soap box in the store room, your high horse in the stable, and squelch the sarcasm.

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Make life easy on your reader. I don't feel the need to say something like, "As a Caucasian, middle-class man in my early forties speaking from this point in the early twenty-first century, I believe that hungry people seek food.

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Avoid extended quotes. This fact should condition everything you do in a proposal. Grant Advice I am a biological anthropologist by training and yet many of the questions on which I work can easily be approached from the perspective of social anthropology.

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Think about the generalizability of your statements. While committee work of any kind can be a hassle, there are definite up-sides to working on scientific review panels.

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