Narrative report of information technology ojt

Narrative report of information technology ojt

Moreover, OJT focuses on the acquisition of skills within the working environment generally under normal condition. Also, to understand that everything that was taught in the school can be a tool that can be used in our future career, because during our On-the-Job Training, the terms that we had learned from school were used in the company where we were conducting our training, especially those terms related to Information Technology.

The trainee had done the 3D models up to its 2D drawings including the detailed information of the said project.

Computer Operations e. It is a very heartwarming thing to know that there are people who believe in us. Problems Met In this training ground the trainee encounters different problems such as: 1. Nature of the Agency 2. On the job training is still widely used today. Students who are taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology are given the chance to undergo the so called On-the-Job Training to be able to apply the knowledge they acquired from school to their respective chosen agencies. Thou shall think about the social consequences of the program you are writing or system you are designing. It also defines the activities that the agency should provide for the students. Canapi, University President for her exceptional management skills and for providing good facilities for the welfare of the students; Dr. The trainee used its skills to fixed this problems, as an IT students the trainee is fit to do this things and solve the problem in the same time. This activity helped me a lot in developing my personality as well as boosts my self-confidence in the workplace. This Engineering Company is seeking and developing students to gain more skills and knowledge when it comes to structural engineering, architecture, and information technology. During our stay there as a trainee, they kept on encouraging and motivating us to study hard and to do our best always. Initial operation of the school begun in June 4, , with an enrollment of one hundred and seventy five first year students under Secondary Fishery education Curriculum and with an additional appropriation of P,

We also detail conveyors and supports. The following days, the trainee encountered some technical errors like video card problems, keyboard, mouse problems, and LAN cables problems.

Adjusting and committing errors in using new software application used by the company AutoCAD.

It is a tool for Applying, enriching and enhancing the acquired knowledge in the school in their particular field of endeavor. Other relevant tables may be included as appendix tables. One of the major functions of the university is community service to 12 entrepreneurs, farmer, rural women, fishers and out-of-school youth. The composition of making beams, post, angles, plates, brace, guardrails and handrails are combined to make a drawing model of a stair. The trainee must be patient and practice maximum tolerance. Aside from those things, we also learned to be more sociable and to adjust ourselves in the environment where we are working at and who we are working with. Relevant information about the agency or office assigned c. The substructures are made of reinforced concrete, and the superstructures are comprised of both steel and concrete structures. This training gave me an inspiration to be more serious and focused in studying. Zulueta, Francisco M. This is the COA Bus. Computer Operations e. Keeps a record of the students, attendance during conferences. The trainee considered itself as a real employee by proving itself that the trainee can do what are the real activities done in this kind of companies. They challenged our skills, abilities and knowledge and gave us a chance to prove ourselves to them.

Dela Paz, General Manager of CAD Solution Enterprise, for his heart whelming acceptance and for teaching us all the way to finish our On-the-Job Training; University of Rizal System, Antipolo Campus, for giving the chance to study and to the faculty members for their support and assistance; Above all, to our Almighty God, for the light and strength, and for the continuous guidance and blessing showered upon the trainees.

We are committed to maintaining solid relationship with the clients to ensure long-term satisfaction, respect and loyalty.

It gave me also strength to face those trials that awaits me after graduation.

on job training report

It is also a training that describes the process of teaching and a form of training taking place in a normal working situation.

If the student has an incomplete grade, he may be allowed to undergo said OJT and may complete deficiency provided the time spent for the purpose does not affect said OJT.

Thou shall not use a computer to harm other people. The trainee is trained on how to use this kind of software application. In view of this, we would like to request that John David C. The trainee enjoyed a lot of new learning and experienced through different problems that the trainee encounters and the trainee meets new people with different state in life For now the trainee is confident and competent to compete in making and finding a job soon. After the training, we realized that on-the-job training is not just a requirement to be completed but it is an opportunity to show what skills, knowledge, and talents that we have and also an opportunity to experience the feeling of being a professional already. We believe that your company can provide the relevant exposure to future Information Technology professionals, thus, ensuring the continuous supply of highly qualified personnel for Information Technology and Industry. I will consider the general welfare and public good in the performance of my work. Attendance in punctuality in reporting to the placement agency. Tekla Structures can be used to cover the entire building process from conceptual design to fabrication, erection and construction management. I really learned a lot from the activities performed that provides situation for development.

In this state the trainee also adopt the culture of their surroundings from the co-trainee, employees, supervisors, managers, and the president of the company.

Student taking the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with deficiency shall be allowed to undergo OJT provided those are minor subject and not major subjects.

Relevant information about the agency or office assigned c. This report documents and compiles the training experiences and progress of the student trainees after the OJT. I will not knowingly participate in the development of information technology system that promotes the commission of proud and other unlawful acts. Initial operation of the school begun in June 4, , with an enrollment of one hundred and seventy five first year students under Secondary Fishery education Curriculum and with an additional appropriation of P, The other picture is the fountain located near the building. The Office is open from am to noon and from to pm. This photo was taken when I was checking the list of employees who have submitted their Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. Other relevant tables may be included as appendix tables. Al-Jaradi to edit the partial drawings from 3D models. Consult agencies on the placement of the students as On —The- Job Trainees. Willingness to accept responsibilities.
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