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A theses abstracts in TS containing the total number of key words were extracted in order to establish the process of data collection.

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Introduction to Translation and Ideology. The issue of differences between the main twelve categories of extracted key words was then addressed using Chi-Square test. A corpus-based study. Munday, J. Conclusion and Implications The results of the present study could be discussed through different classifications in TS. The source text Textualization T and the translated texts ReTextualizations RTs are described in terms of systemic choices for the special foregrounded configurations emerging to encode ideational and interpersonal meanings. The most relevant aspect to my view is the fact that translation is looked at from contexts of multilinguality and multimodality, which equates the translated text with any other form of mutilingual text production and relates it to other multilingual situations of communication. Small projects in interpretation research. Genre Translation 4. The title I chose for this paper "Systemic Functional Translation Studies SFTS : The theory traveling in Brazilian environments" reflects this point: I borrow Said's use of the term environment in the discussion of the concept of 'intellectual interchange' as what he terms 'travelling theory' to suggest, with him, that the movement of a theory into a new environment "is never unimpeded" and that the local impediments are a positive response to the theoretical frameworks imported. After all this reflection, a question remains though: To what extent and in what terms can we say that SFTS is a growing area in the academic community in Brazil? Toury, G. Language itself it very complex, but difficulties increase exponentially in translation, since it has to cope with two languages. He then starts to outline the development of interpretation research, research method and research target language.

Introducing translation studies: Theories and applications 2nd ed. This search is reported next. Exploring the possibilities of going from the macro ideational to the macro textual component, Costa develops the argument that 'through translation a given text acquires its maximum expansion since it transcends the narrow linguistic limits in which it was conceived'.

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From late 90's on, computerized corpora and corpus-based methodologies have been integrated into Brazilian SFTS, for which annotation methods for the tagging of SFL categories have been developed. Furthermore, what is the relationship of translation to other multilingual situations of communication?

Defending the thesis Theses are defended before a three-member defence committee made up of the supervisor and two more members of the Department. Along the cline, translated texts can be studied as 'instantiations-in-contexts of language' Steiner whose language can be 'attended to' Malmkjaer, ; Munday,or can be interpreted as cross-lingual functional varieties of language, special registers whose properties can be investigated cf.

Research trend and methods in Translation Studies: A comparison between Taiwanese and international publications.

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Nevertheless, do paraphrasing and the use of calques entail a loss of SL precision and make the meaning of words more elusive. TheTranslation Studies Reader. Gile, H. Interpreting The issue of differences between the main twelve categories of extracted key words was then addressed using Chi-Square test. Perfection would assume a maximum of equivalence on all levels, but such a maximum can never be achieved due to the complexity of language, its dependence on constantly changing cultural norm, and because of the human factor in form of translators and receptors. But, once a qualitative analysis is carried out of the two workshops, one plenary session, and thirteen papers presented at the conference, some interesting facts emerge. He then starts to outline the development of interpretation research, research method and research target language. The results obtained yielded the picture reported next. Returning to the issue of the perspectives from which Brazilian SFTS are interpreted here the metafunctional dimension, the instantiation dimension and the corpus methodologies dimension , a close look at the research just reported shows that there is a tendency for the studies to use corpus methodologies, which shows in the descriptions of procedures adopted CROSF being used for annotation purposes, longer stretches of texts being examined and in the results obtained visualization of patterns of linguistic behavior being made possible. Munday believes that even after all these years the original work was presented in , but not widely published until , the map is still a guideline to the researchers and scholars in dividing the main branches and sub-0branches of TS in a systematic way. A students in TS concerning their thesis writings through conducting a frequency analysis, comparing the research results of the theses conducted between and in Iran.
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