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A great example of a multi-channel campaign, it reflects the core values of the brand while subtly promoting it.

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Using celebrity endorsement to project the heritage and lineage of the brand it speaks out to the consumers saying that you will become like them if you buy Chanel in a sense.

The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. To gain this title Chanel worked hard on their social media by formulating a strategy for videos and content.

There is also the pure white Camellia flower that Chanel herself chose as her flower of choice as it was scentless so did not mask the smell of her famous No.

Optimised video content FTW.

Chanel market segmentation

Each Chanel stores outer appearance is sleek, minimal, with just the brand name on display, no advertisements in the windows just one or two mannequins and accessories. Thus, the locations of these stores are in coherence with the locations populated by the consumers. They uploaded more than double the industry average of videos to YouTube posting videos which received over million more views than the industry average and their Facebook videos gaining nearly 4 times the industry average of views. The designs will have needed to be modernised and be able to keep up with new trends quicker. Distribution Patterns: Products by Chanel such as their perfumes are not only sold in their own boutiques but also by other distributers. Aspirational Content Unlike a lot of brands, Chanel never tries to create relatable content. Combining photography, digital sketches and video — it uses rich content to bring the story to life. The house of chanel is known for its fashion stores all over the globe. BCG matrix is split into 4 categories based on market growth and relative market share, named stars, question marks, cash cows and dogs. Chanel offers and is known for fashion apparel ,watches ,eye products and various other fasion able accessories for women. The quality factor of Chanel products is especially important for the company, for any slight shortcoming would lead to severe damage to the high-end luxury brand image and thus has become more of a hygiene factor for its products now given its international reputation. With a light-hearted but empowering tone, it succeeded in engaging female consumers. About Chanel: Chanel is a luxurious fashion brand from France which is known for its haute couture and ready-to wear clothing line along with other premium products such as watches, perfumes, handbags, sunglasses and designer jewellery. Often the primary place in which companies mainly invest as they are likely to become cash cows, generating a positive cash flow Jurevicius, Instead of resting on the business fields where it has proven successful, the company has brought forth new ideas.

However, they do have strong competition, the main two being Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Reports suggest that the event created a huge splash for the brand on social, with likes and comments increasing massively on the day. However, in order to increase market share, emphasis on mass media and e-commerce would be effective which the competitors are already practicing.

They started with clothing, then not long after launching their fragrances. It was founded by Gabrielle Chanel, famously known as Coco Chanel in and was revolutionary in its designs as it freed the women of 20th century from the corseted dresses they were wearing to more comfortable and naturally flattering dresses.

By avoiding the more snappy, quickly-put together videos of other brands on social media and sticking to investing time and money into what they put out, Chanel elevates themselves above other brands, remaining unmistakably luxury.

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When the iconic Chanel No. With the iconic LV logo wrapping them. Retain exclusivity. Users were encouraged to come back daily to partake in daily challenges which were released with each episode. Past runway shows have included giant icebergs, an underwater kingdom and even a replica of an entire Parisian street. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. The company offers trendy handbags as well.

Its fragrance and skincare counters are available across high-end luxury malls. As well as creating awareness of the brand, it was successful in giving consumers and fans of the brand a memorable and potentially valuable experience.

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The Luxurious Social Media Marketing of Chanel