Marine plant resource essay

The temperature of the ocean controls the climate in the lower part of the atmosphere, so for most areas of the Earth the ocean temperature is responsible for the air temperature.

classification of marine resources

Any other artificial, and general connection between our ideas as that of the same species might as well pass for association.

Sands and gravels are often mined for in the United States and are used to protect beaches and reduce the effects of erosion. It is the fountain of life for the planet and drastic changes to the makeup of the oceans could be detrimental to life as we know it The ocean stores heat in the upper two meters of the photic zone.

Medicine that is used to fight cancer and cure disease is formulated from ingredients from the ocean The Nature Conservancy, Oxygen Production Gases in the atmosphere like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen are dissolved through the water cycle.

Essay on ocean life

Fish populate the ocean in patches instead of being spread out throughout the enormous expanse. Dredging of any kind pulls up the ocean floor resulting in widespread destruction of marine animal habitats, as well as wiping out vast numbers of fishes and invertebrates. Bacteria that can reduce inorganic compounds are anaerobic and those that oxidize inorganic compounds are aerobic. Other human activities like trawling and dredging of the ocean floor have bulldozed over entire underwater habitats. Nearly 30 million people are directly dependent on oceanic activities. Too much so called development mainly of the coastal countries leads a devastating future. It is this effeminacy, this immersion in sensual ideas, or craving after continual excitement, that spoils the poet for his prose-task. When the ocean floor is mined, a cloud of sediment rises up in the water, interfering with photosynthetic processes of phytoplankton and other marine life, in addition to introducing previously benign heavy metals into the food chain. Get your price writers online Blue economy is the concept that depicts the activities of human being in the oceans and coastal zones to enrich the livelihood of the people with simultaneous effort to preserve the marine area free from pollution and hazards so that the life standard of the people can be enriched with achieving the sustainable usage of the oceans and coastal zones as well. On the other side I shall not maintain the Negative, but with some Restrictions and Limitations; because I will not be marine plant resource essay bound to justifie those Women, whose Vices and ill Conduct expose them deservedly to the Censure of the other Sex, as well as of their own. It also has a higher salinity because the more salt there is in water, the denser it becomes, which makes it sink to the bottom. It is necessary to formulate and enact international laws and to enforce them strictly for sustainable utilization of marine resources. It may be added that the device of the tar baby is to be found in its essentials in a collection of African stories.

Large amounts of chemicals are often spilled into the ocean and sewage is not always treated properly or treated at all. However, sustainable tourism can actually promote conservation of the environment.

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marine plant resource essay