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Additionally Dr. Arthur's study program. The scenarios were especially helpful, and I was very pleased with the package overall. Thanks for your wonderful web site and your personal service. I passed both sections with 30 more points than I actually needed! Taking the practice scenarios helped me to understand more about appropriate information gathering and decision making. I will refer your site to other colleagues who are planning to take this exam. The best legal and ethical response is: contact police for involuntary hold Your client describes feelings and thoughts of wanting to die but you do not believe the risk of suicide is immediate, The best legal and ethical course of action: discuss options for reducing the risk, including hospitalization, with the must client and continue to monitor the risk closely The "holder of the privilege" is usually: the client Section of the Welfare and Institutions Code: allows police or designated mental heath personnel to involuntarily hospitalize people who pose an immediate danger to self or others due to mental disorder An LMFT has recently been divorced. Put that knowledge to work on yourself, and use the strategies you find most effective. It was like the actual exam, and very thorough. The study supplement is so informative that I'll be keeping it on my library shelf as a reference. Other things people often find helpful include: Visiting the testing facility in advance, so you know how to get there, what the building looks like, and how long the commute will likely take. Under Tarasoff: you have a duty to protect, which may include warning A client's father tells you that the client hates her boss. Having a checklist for your test day, to avoid forgetting anything you will need like ID.

Your full package of scenarios was VERY helpful in preparing for the exam. Phil I passed!! Rosy C.

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Thank you again! The most ethical course of action would be: refer him to another therapist qualified to treat sex offenders According to CAMFT a therapist's best protection when defending against an allegation of unprofessional conduct is: documentation It a client aged 18 is a victim of rape, the therapist should: discuss the client's options with him or her A client tells a trainee the client's son has a l7-year-old girlfriend who has been staying at the client's home, due to physical abuse by her mother's boyfriend.

Lpcc flash cards

Ethically you: should give the client a brochure: "Therapy Never Includes Sex" A client who has been suffering from depression tells you she has been feeling more suicidal ideation lately. The therapist believes it is likely the client will carry out his threat.

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This hard copy contains the same information that is found in the online Supplement and eBook included with both packages. Without this study program, I would have failed The therapist believes it is likely the client will carry out his threat. If you complete the scenarios and reference the supplement, you WILL pass! Thank you!!!!! Arthur provides a money-back guarantee. Without that information, I think I would have failed.

Just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for easing the anxiety and stress associated with this test. The study materials that summarized diagnoses with symptoms, typical assessments, appropriate treatments and differential diagnoses were especially helpful.

She has a permit to carry a firearm and the father is afraid she will becomeso angry shewill shoot her boss.

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I knew my problems were with HOW to take the exam.

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