How to write an article using microsoft word

Click, hold and drag the line to the left to make the first column narrow and the second column wide. Step 6 Size the top row: Decrease the size of the bottom line of the first row.

how to make an article on microsoft word

Things Needed. Add pictures to the newspaper to go with the articles following the same process as importing a logo, by clicking the "Insert" tab's "Picture" button and browsing to and double-clicking the picture. Even line spacing are clearly instructed by institutes whether it must be 1.

Most of the time, universities and colleges provide format requirement to the students for their essays.

how to write an article using microsoft word

If required, select Create. In order to add more information check the show all bibliography fields box. Click "Save As. Click the "Home" tab.

Although Word doesn't offer a newspaper template, you can quickly manipulate the software into something tangible to print out or to distribute online. More Articles. You want to choose one with a line running along the bottom to serve as your masthead distinction.

Keep in mind that most standard printers can only print 8. Without this bibliography or references your work will not be accepted and hence refused by plagiarized.

article template word
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How to Make an Article Template with Microsoft Word