History of geography shaped greek civilization history essay

Cultural diffusion helped spread Greek culture all over the world, and its effects can still be felt today in almost every aspect.

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What has been gleaned about the social role and character of ancient Greek music comes largely from pottery and other forms of Greek art. They show that one corner of one island of Greece, at least, was neither impoverished nor isolated in a period usually thought to have been both.

The Egyptian civilization, based in the eastern part of North Africa, is believed to have started around BC and continued till the end of the Pharaoh rule in 31 BC.

For that reason, Ancient Greece is characterized with its specific political structure. The Coastline: Saltwater and Harbors: Ancient Greece was made up of hundreds of city-statesgrouped together at the southern end of a very large peninsula that jutted out into the Mediterranean Sea.

Being the best sailors and merchants, Greeks influenced other Mediterranean countries and borrowed numerous elements from other countries.

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Civilization Cultural Developments Political Developments Economic Developments Mesopotamian Developed the beginnings of astronomy and mathematics Believed in many gods not just one.

That's one reason the early Greeks tried to set up colonies in North Africa and in Asia.

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Thucydides , the great ancient historian of the 5th century bce, wrote a sketch of Greek history from the Trojan War to his own day, in which he notoriously fails, in the appropriate chapter, to signal any kind of dramatic rupture. Dance has its place in ceremonial customs that are still preserved in Greek villages, such as dancing the bride during a wedding and dancing the trousseau of the bride during the wedding preparations. Their country is located in the south of Europe. Dance, along with writing, music, and physical exercise, was fundamental to the commenced in a circle and ended with the dancers facing one another. The most respected form of art, according to authors like Pliny or Pausanias , were individual, mobile paintings on wooden boards, technically described as panel paintings. A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides. In fact, Greece did not become a country until the s in modern times.

Why was Ancient Greece so successful? He says that he has power because Ahuramazda gave him control of the kingdom.

How did geography affect greece development

This climate is perfect for such crops as olives and grapes. The most widespread and common crops were olives and grapes. The mountains influenced political and economic life of the country considerably. Rivers could not be counted on for transportation because the rivers dried up in the summer and overflowed in the winter. This geographical position helped Greece become one of the most influential Mediterranean countries more than years ago. The s and early s are considered by many as the Golden age of Greek cinema. As might be expected, their climate influenced their culture, worldview, traditions and art.
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Geography of Greece