Hedonism and a hedonistic society

And savouring can be taught. Messenger This is the first article in our three-part series looking at hedonism and health. Hedonistic people are soft.

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Thus the sole aim for everyone should be pleasure. Liking or pro-attitudes must be described in such a way that they are not solely a sensation or best described as a preference satisfaction theory. For example, a Qualitative Hedonist might argue that pleasurable sensations from touch and movement are always lower quality than the others.

The combination of these two states is supposed to constitute happiness in its highest form. The Origins of Hedonism a. Positive psychological stances include approving of something, thinking it is good, and being pleased about it.

Psychologists claim that we have at least ten senses, including the familiar, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, but also, movement, balance, and several sub-senses of touch, including heat, cold, pressure, and pain.

Socrates asks Protarchus to imagine a life without much pleasure but full of the higher cognitive processes, such as knowledge, forethought and consciousness and to compare it with a life that is the opposite. Kagan, Shelly

Hedonistic utilitarianism

Defining pleasure as intrinsically valuable experience and well-being as all and only experiences that are intrinsically valuable allows a Hedonist to all but stipulate that Prudential Hedonism is the correct theory of well-being. An important distinction between Prudential Hedonism and Folk Hedonism is that Prudential Hedonists usually understand that pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain in the very short-term is not always the best strategy for achieving the best long-term balance of pleasure over pain. Phenomenologically, the pleasure from reading a good book is very different to the pleasure from bungee jumping, and both of these pleasures are very different to the pleasure of having sex. Utilitarianism, Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, Although Epicureanism is a form of hedonism, insofar as it declares pleasure as the sole intrinsic good, its conception of absence of pain as the greatest pleasure and its advocacy of a simple life make it different from "hedonism" as it is commonly understood. I see a LOT of obesity which means excessive eating. Sobel, D. And, most people will choose the life with the free bonus just in case it has intrinsic value, not necessarily because they think it does have intrinsic value. Reasons and the Good, Oxford: Clarendon Press. Weak versions of Motivational Hedonism hold that the desires to seek pleasure and avoid pain often or always have some influence on our behavior. Describes some of the main types of Prudential Hedonism and the problems with them.
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Hedonism and Its Impact on Society