Essay on nsg and security forces

indian special forces

According to recent reports, the central government was considering to task the Indo-Tibetan Border Police for the Indo-Myanmar border but yesterday Home Minister Rajnath Singh ruled out the withdrawal of Assam Rifles.

Expansion of the NSG will blunt the edge it has over the terrorism scenario in India and will ultimately be reduced to general law and order maintaining from a specialist force.

Source: Factly 6. The first militant managed to fire at the commandos with a pistol he kept by his bedside, but was killed an instant later.

commando special forces

The original idea of setting up of four NSG hubs in different parts of the country has already been implemented to reduce reaction time in case of an emergency, along with an additional hub in Gujarat. The force also keeps a check on illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling.

These operators will be armed with weapons firing lethal, but low-velocity, fragmentation rounds to minimise danger to the passengers and prevent penetration of the aircraft.

It is not known if this plan has been put into action. The terrorists had attacked a BSF campus near Srinagar, killed 3 officers and the wife of another. Source: Factly Watch the video to understand about their rules in less than 3 minutes: Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

special frontier force

They guard the Indo-Tiber border and the mountainous regions of the Indo-China border. Ved Marwah calls this Operation Night Dominance.

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National Security Guard