English essay translated to hindi on soldier

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The war continued for seventeen days and resulted in thousands of causalities. They need to be away from their family and friends all this while.

English essay translated to hindi on soldier

He is not scared to fight amid adversities to save the honour of his country and protect his countrymen. Soldiers hardly get any leaves. Determination Soldiers are extremely determined.

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The war continued for almost a month and China emerged winner. Marriages are breaking our tolerance Origin of Indian Society Indian society is very old, complex, plural and it has a long history. Soldiers do not just guard the border and fight in the battle grounds during wars they are there to serve the citizens in different kinds of emergency situations. Lack of Supplies Many times, soldiers need to go on long missions to remote areas. Soldiers are rightly referred to as the real heroes. They are faced with numerous challenges but they overcome all these as they are determined to achieve their goals. All this is done to inculcate indiscipline in them. Indian Wedding Traditions - Rice oiss People are blindly following it without knowing the consequences. We must look up to them and inculcate these qualities to enhance our personality and take our life in the right direction. Short Essay on an Ideal Soldier.

The training period is extremely tough. Wars and Battlefields Soldiers need to be ready for battling it out in the field at all times. Soldiers do not care about their personal life or desires.

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