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All of us did.

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Is there a philosophy of indifference conceivable? Secondly, there will be a brief discussion about the power of one voice versus the listing of statistics.

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And together we walk towards the new millennium, carried by profound fear and extraordinary hope. Think people should hear about this? God is wherever we are. President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton hosted the formal lecture series. Clinton, for what you said, and for what you are doing for children in the world, for the homeless, for the victims of injustice, the victims of destiny and society. Is it necessary at times to practice it simply to keep one's sanity, live normally, enjoy a fine meal and a glass of wine, as the world around us experiences harrowing upheavals? After his traumatizing experience, Wiesel stood up for others who were being oppressed. He has accompanied the old man I have become throughout these years of quest and struggle.

Roosevelt was a good man, with a heart. Etymologically, the word means "no difference.

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It is, after all, awkward, troublesome, to be involved in another person's pain and despair. Louis is a case in point.

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Have we really learned from our experiences?

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