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On most occasions, people have failed to find a perfect alternative to plastic products. With growing populations and increasing consumerism, the production and sale of plastics has soared, and so has the problem of plastic waste disposal.

In order to keep our price per spoon competitive so that everyone can use them, we need a large quantity of molds to be run each time that we run our production. She loves to participate in wildlife conservation activities and to explore new places and cultures.

As demands for his cutlery poured in from all corners of the globe, Mr. In a standard environment where the spoons are exposed to nature, they will degrade within 10 days or be eaten by other animals, similarly to a biscuit that may be thrown outdoors. We have created a variety of different quantities, both for personal use and for larger scale and commercial purposes.

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They " probably taste a little bit like Grape Nuts ," Gizmodo says. After much research, we have developed the designs of the product, used it and enhanced it so that the user feels comfortable in all aspects of using cutlery. Our plan is to expand into cups, plates, and many more traditional disposable tableware. Our spoons are delicious, but if they are not consumed, they are able to degrade in any outside environment, as they do not have specific requirements for degradation. Bakeys has sold more than 1. Although the edible cutlery has only just found a following — a recent Facebook video with Peesapaty has had more than 5m views — Bakeys has been making spoons at its factory in Hyderabad, India, since , where it employs nine women. A few event managers came over to us asking for edible cutlery due to the insistence of their customers. Peesapty and he met with several challenges to build a market for the edible cutlery produced at Bakey's. A majority of these utensils are only used once and then discarded. However, edible cutlery, he said, cannot be reused. In the beginning, things were not easy for Mr. There are several advantages associated with the use of plastic cutlery such as the low cost and the disposable nature of the cutlery. Lost in his thoughts about how to solve this crisis of accumulating plastic waste, an inventive idea struck him.

Thanks to Indian groundwater researcher Narayana Peesapaty, this odd scene is now a reality—and one that might even help save the planet. Soon, he started sharing his technology of edible cutlery production with others by selling machines used to produce the cutlery.

The company produces a range of cutlery products like spoons and forks. Narayana Peesapaty.

Edible cutlery

He hopes to do this by sourcing crops directly from farmers and building an economy of scale by adding new production lines with the investment raised online. Even vegans and vegetarians can use this cutlery. We were excited with that and invested in many hours of research, to reach wider markets. Help us change the way we eat and think about waste! Is it possible for the millions of fast food restaurants around the world to provide reusable cutlery for one of the many customers that come in for lunch? We are already fully vegan, preservative free, trans fat free, dairy free and operate on principals of fair trade. The more we create, the more competitive we become with plastic, which is still so prevalent around the world! We will include you on our contributor list on our website. Recollecting his previous experience with hardened millet bread, Mr. In the beginning, things were not easy for Mr. On top of that, we are also looking to further automate our production process, which will speed up our production as well as further lower our prices. The cutlery even comes in the three different flavors of plain, sweet, and savory. What have we achieved so far?
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Edible Cutlery: The Future of Eco Friendly Utensils by Sarah Munir