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Evaluate the view that the government should give financial assistance to firms producing cars in the UK to increase their competitiveness.

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Discuss policies to reduce inflation. In the period , the UK economic performance generally exceeded its European counterparts. For example, if we were looking at the impact of a rise in interest rates. During the s, home ownership rates increased. At least one. It might be the same one you used in Part A. Discuss factors that may limit economic growth rates in different countries. After a couple of years people may find alternative ways of driving. However, if the whole global economy was in recession, this would be much more significant and likely cause a recession in the UK too. The UK was also hampered by coming to terms with letting go its Empire and trying to join Europe. I think it would show anyway.

The experience did seem to sum up the s. It is argued that these restrictions deter investment and productivity growth. Problems of French economy Economic Growth If we look at this graph, it shows the UK economy still has a large negative output gap.

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For example, the UK was still relying on steam trains until the mid s - later than many other countries who made switch to cheaper and more efficient electricity and diesel. Discuss the impact of net migration on UK labour markets Discuss the relative merits of welfare benefits and taxes for reducing relative poverty in the UK.

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Government Intervention Discuss the impact of deregulation on the local bus industry in Great Britain. This means that the strong UK economic performance of the past few years may start to unravel as a slumping housing market causes lower growth.

Wednesday, April 6, The UK economy in the s The end of the s was a period of rising living standards, summed up by Harold MacMillan's 'you've never had it so good' Yet, this period of undoubted prosperity and rising living standards helped to mask a decline in the relative competitiveness of the UK economy.

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Discuss the factors that determine the trade competitiveness of the UK economy Discuss the importance of promoting free trade through organisations such as the WTO A government is faced with an unacceptably high level of unemployment but does not wish to increase its overall expenditure. However, it is argued that the French economy is not as sickly as it is made out to be.

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