Dissertation on professional development

The dependent variable of student achievement was dichotomized at the median: half of the student participants scored above the median and half of the students scored at and below the median.

types of professional development

In this thesis, I focus in-depth on professional development experiences that teachers identify as their most powerful and ask what these experiences could suggest toward improving PD design, policy, and research.

Achievement data for 8, students was used: 2, in 3rd grade, 2, in 4th grade, and 2, in 5th grade.

list of professional development for teachers

I similarly discuss ways that powerful learning may help to form or transform teacher identity. Second, using the growing body literature on professional identity e.

effects of professional development on teachers instruction

Extending this literature, I elaborate three distinct conceptions of how identity interacts with PD: an affinity for the what contentthe who facilitationand the with whom community. The larger number of professional development hours in a variety of credit strands had a negative impact on student achievement in 4th grade science.

The participants in the study included 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math and science teachers.

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[PDF] Towards More Effective Teacher Professional Development Initiatives