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Desert Edge West Valley region ends its campaign at p. We all posed for pictures in the parking lot.

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Also has a really good. What a great idea!

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Submitted by a parent. Brophy College Prep No. It was a wonderful opportunity to watch the Cincinnati Reds square off against the Colorado Rockies. We have always been impressed with the teachers and the way they communicate with parents. Also has a really good. I want my school to get the recognition it deserves! It was ridiculous at times; but that is high schoolers for you. They went out of their way to make sure all our residents really enjoyed themselves in a safe and fun environment. Some of our residents can walk well on their own, but it was a long way to the seats. Game Day Our residents at both our Surprise and Goodyear assisted living homes had to eat an early lunch. We brainstormed a bunch of ideas and at the top of the list was a spring training game. The program is a waste of money and doomed to fail. These boys selflessly gave up their time to make it a very special day for our residents. Obert's top Arizona high school baseball fields No. Desert Edge High School No.

Although the temps were in the mids, you could still feel that Arizona sun. Thank goodness my children are done after this year. The administration is top-heavy and runs the school ineffectively.

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The administration is rude and just pretend to listen,and they completely discard what your complaint or suggestion, they also play favorites. My brother graduated in the second graduating class of Submitted by a parent May 2, I graduated Desert Edge in ' But our guys come out and they grind.

The buck seems to get passed. Baseball, Softball, Tennis, and Football are great.

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The field is taken care of by first-year coach Josh Garcia and his players. Desert Edge High School No. At least neither team scored any runs after we left. Everyone wanted to get one last game in the Arizona sunshine with their team before heading back to colder parts of the country. But he was having a great time anyway. Submitted by a student May 30, This school is awesome! As a former student ik that our drug habit has gotten worse but our test scores improved. In the third, the Bears scored four runs on four hits to cut their deficit to The academics are well balanced and many AP and honors classes are offered to get a head start on college. And we are tied for 5th with test scores. One of the few Tucson schools with lights, which makes the sunset views spectacular. We have been active at the school since our daughter started and we have found both the educators and the administrative staff to be very receptive and supportive. My son is currently attending and nothing has changed, it has only gotten better. On Monday, Platt caught the last two innings of a win over Youngker in Buckeye. They went out of their way to make sure all our residents really enjoyed themselves in a safe and fun environment.
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