An examination of the apology by socrates

Final Speeches 38ca There are two sets of final speeches.

An examination of the apology by socrates

Socrates jokingly suggests that if he were to get what he deserves, he should be honored with a great meal for being of such service to the state. If no one errs willingly, then Socrates isn't harming others willingly. Socrates explains this activity by relating a story about the Delphic Oracle. That in searching for a man wiser than himself, his questioning earned him the dubious reputation of social gadfly to the city of Athens. The First False Charges 19a - 24a A. So Socrates says that it would have been disgraceful if Socrates would have left his post in the war, or ceased practicing philosophy out of fear of death or anything else 28ea. So too with divine things: Since Socrates believes in a Diamon a divine thing , it follows that he believes in divinities. This is the deeper refutation of the charges. Receiving such public largesse is an honour reserved for Olympic athletes, for prominent citizens, and for benefactors of Athens, as a city and as a state. One should not be forced to behave in a manner inconsistent with their beliefs; an ideal society is comprised of individuals who may all subscribe to the different philosophies but are able to listen and except others idea the same time. He explains that he has no experience with the law courts and that he will instead speak in the manner to which he is accustomed: with honesty and directness. The Socratic method of dialectical investigation utilized arguments to try and determine ethics and truth. The name of the work itself is not mean what it is appeared; here, Socrates is not apologizing, but merely speaking in defense of his beliefs and actions — the word apology is used in the context of its original meaning. Plato and others indicate that, to the contrary, they have been helped by Socrates. Socrates notes that he could have won his case if he had appealed to their emotioins i.

Prologue 17aa The first sentence sets the tone and direction for the entire dialogue. After systematically interrogating the politicians, the poets, and the craftsmen, Socrates determined that the politicians were impostors; that the poets did not understand their own poetry; and that the craftsmen, like prophets and seers, did not understand the things they spoke.

So he has in no way been harmed, for he will either sleep soundly or continue talking.

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I go to die, you go to live. These activities earned him much admiration amongst the youth of Athens, but much hatred and anger from the people he embarrassed. Plato and others indicate that, to the contrary, they have been helped by Socrates.

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The response of many to this experience was confusion and anger. It was a methodical and practical approach to show his ultimate quest for seeking the true knowledge.

By avoiding the search for wealth and instead growing as people, Socrates attempted to build a community of better individuals.

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