Additional scene to shakespeare s macbeth i

When she has finished, the three circle about the cauldron, stirring it with their long staves, and reciting the couplet in concert. See The Tempest, 1.

Cyrus Lauron Hooper. As the soldiers lead the animals away, Duncan talks a moment to Banquo; when Lady Macbeth, not the fierce spirit of the previous scene, but the sweet hostess, appears in the gate to welcome her unsuspecting guest.

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This room had long before been the kitchen of King Edward. Two well-known types of Hubris are Greek and Christina Hubris. Shadows dance upon the stone walls, and help provide the weirdness so necessary to the scene.

An officer wearing a shirt of ring mail, and carrying a battle-ax over his shoulder, stands near the king's tent. The soldiers appear at the left, and march diagonally toward the right, shouting and singing.

Thomas Marc Parrott.

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