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If we are going to ask for all these changes, and more kids than ever are coming to school with greater needs, who live in poverty … then we must better prepare and provide ongoing support to teachers for the jobs that we want them to do. Texas, for example, includes graduation rates and attendance rates, along with test scores, in determining ratings for schools. If necessary, LEAs that actually need the use of the waiver would be counted as having used one for In these states, some schools reason that the most efficient way of meeting those targets is to focus on students who are just below the bar, and provide them with intensive test preparation. South Carolina and Mississippi relaxed certain state regulations for schools that performed above a designated level. In an effort to broaden the measure of achievement, some states include additional factors for accountability. The pendulum, he says, appears to have swung back to the center for the moment. The threats have even attracted the notice of schools that are not at risk of intervention Firestone et al. Students and taxpayers would both benefit under the new systems. As Willms found, this strategy may be shortsighted.

Literally the process by which students, teachers, and administrators give an account of their progress, accountability is a means by which policy makers at the state and district levels—and parents and taxpayers—monitor the performance of students and schools.

As noted above, one of the major purposes of accountability based on performance is to encourage schools to focus their efforts on improving performance above all else.

So in order to raise scores quickly, schools employ test-based strategies, and achievement does not increase. Let's flood the country with well-educated and supported principals, teachers, and counselors to the degree that we know successful schools need them.

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Title I at A retrospective. Klein, A.

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Educator pushback on the heavy-handed federal guidance resulted in looser regulations, which coincided with the standards movement of the s and '90s, which became embedded in Title I. Fewer tax dollars equals fewer educational support services provided to the children who need them most.

Even if states that can provide assistance to the lowest-performing schools, few serve schools in the middle of the performance distribution, which tend to receive less attention from the state accountability efforts Massell, No longer could schools document only the progress of their overall student population.

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