Abortion outline persuasive essay

The pro-life supporters argue that a fetus is a human being entitled to all the rights other human beings have and that abortion is the wrong thing to do from the moral, religious and human rights perspective.

At the same time, if you think that there are too many counterarguments that will be complicated to refute, it would be better to choose another topic.

Against abortion essay

The following part of the main body can describe a fetus in terms of its affiliation to humanity. Basically, there is plenty of possible topics regarding this theme, but most of them usually come down to one issue on either side. The position of most major religious denominations has been made clear over the centuries and can be used as an argument here. That is where you can turn on your inner philosopher and think deeply about this, but try to stick to the topic. Philosophically speaking, if abortion is easily accessible and done without giving it a lot of thought, what does that tell us about the value of human life? Most types of essays follow the same basic pattern: Introduction in which the general idea on the topic is conveyed which is meant to grab the readers' attention. If you write your essay from a pro-life position, you could argue that a fetus is actually a human being from the point of conception, and, as such, has a right to live; it can feel pain, therefore, abortion causes suffering. It is killed while it is a fetus. This is when you need to look at a question from a point of view of a pregnant woman.

The position of most major religious denominations has been made clear over the centuries and can be used as an argument here. The essay can have the purpose to inform or to persuade, and you would write it accordingly.

abortion hook sentences

They can show some questions that can be mentioned in the paper and can become of interest to the audience. Genesis states that people are "in the image of God", that is they have ability to understand, solve problems, and remember. Humanity has practiced the termination of pregnancy since ancient times.

Research essay outline on topic abortion

However, there is no mention of abortion law. It can be written with very little preparation, as it usually does not require extensive research. You can close with a quotation which sums up what has been discussed and calls for more in-depth thinking or for taking action to make a difference on the subject. It used to be illegal in most parts of the world but is gradually becoming legalized. Some of the possible hooks for an abortion essay would be: Is abortion a murder? Remember your task is to persuade the audience of the validity of your claim. One of the best ways to do this is bringing up the statistics. You can continue by introducing the religious issue into your essay, citing the commandments and interpreting abortion as murder, therefore being a capital sin. He also raises the question of how it can be murder to kill a newborn infant, but not murder if it was killed just a day before.

To get a sense of how to write good essays on this subject, view some samples of published papers before creating your own outline. There are many cases when a woman making an abortion cannot get pregnant when a child is desired.

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Outline of Abortion