A message from an angel a personal story

He spoke my name and put his hand on my arm and started to whisper something in my ear. I will leave you to imagine what that creates and what kind of life they live. My 7-year-old grandson called me crying and said, "Please, Grandma, come!

The nurse was wearing an old-fashioned uniform of the type that would have been common 30 years earlier, in the s. Maybe not! I would spent a lot of time on Facebook and internet. That's when the object entered the last cloud. But, awesome!

I saw an angel in my room

We went through the tunnel, and three of my grandsons climbed the hill to the top. I saw a dark shadow at the front of the car. I knew what it was. But even worse, I was afraid for my baby's life. I would see my spirit get out of my body and wondered if my dad would come in a spirit form to bring my soul back to my body. At that very second, Dawson shouted, "Grandma, did you see that"? They must create the world as it is in their hearts, a world of purity, a world of peace, a world of love, a world of laughter, a world of joy, a world in balance and harmony. You can attempt to break them, you can try to break them, you can do everything in your power to go against them, you can use your will to directly ignore and deny them, but then you only receive the repercussions of that. The vision, as best I can say, was like a man, but his facial features were lion-like and it seemed to have a bright light shining through. And they really are sent to intervene for people in times of need. I was sitting in my bed, wide-awake. I have looked on the internet and it says I was visited by my guardian angel. She had on a white flowing cloth with light blue trimming surrounded by a white mist. I had some very strange experiences and some moments of pure bliss. I told him I was going to call the police, which I did on my cell phone.

We are so sure that we will never meet or see that man again. Soon afterward, I had a dream that my father was waiting for me, but the closer I came to him the further he moved away. Know our love is a constant source of illumination.

eyewitness accounts of angels

It may not be so hard to understand why when we remind ourselves that they are places of sharply focused emotions, prayersand hope. I saw a light from above and I collapsed then.

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Personal Stories of Angelic Encounters