5th grade essay writing prompt

Which of your extended family members are you closest with?

5th grade writing prompts pdf

Describe what happened. Some students object to this practice.

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Defining Responsibility A parent is responsible for taking care of children. Write about a time when someone said something that changed the way you thought about a particular subject. Now think how you resolve those conflicts.

5th grade writing prompts worksheets

How do you celebrate New Year? Alternative for younger students: In school, students must read classic books that the teacher picks. Describe them.

Writing prompts for 5th grade printable

Give clear reasons why each one is needed. Now, write an essay explaining whether or not you think adults expect too much of you. Explain how to feed and care for the pet properly. If you could be any other person for a day, who would you be? What do you admire most about your dad? Think of some reasons why you think these students do not finish high school. What makes you who you are? What is the most interesting book you ever read?

We have rules for driving, rules for studying, and even rules for playing.

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