2010 a space odessay

2010 a space odessay

If I nevertheless sound less than ecstatic, maybe it's because the grave eyes of the "" Star Child still haunt me, with their promise that perhaps someday man would learn to teach ten thousand stars how to sing.

Now comes "," a continuation of the Kubrick film, directed by Peter Hyamswhose background is in more pragmatic projects such as "Outland," the Sean Connery space station thriller.

Chandra": HAL's inventor.

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He became the Star Child, it was revealed, but what exactly did all that mean? Once we've drawn our lines, once we've made it absolutely clear that "" continues to stand absolutely alone as one of the greatest movies ever made, once we have freed "" of the comparisons with Kubrick's masterpiece, what we are left with is a good-looking, sharp-edged, entertaining, exciting space opera -- a superior film of the Star Trek genre.

In the novel, HAL opens all of the pod bay doors and the emergency airlock to kill the crew when Bowman attempts to awaken them from hibernation.

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Floyd's deceased first wife, Marion, is said to have borne him two daughters. If I nevertheless sound less than ecstatic, maybe it's because the grave eyes of the "" Star Child still haunt me, with their promise that perhaps someday man would learn to teach ten thousand stars how to sing. The novel follows the continuity of the film , which places the Monolith and Discovery in orbit between Jupiter and the Jovian moon Io. Lee, mentioned in passing , Chang relays a poignant farewell message to the Leonov from the surface of Europa, addressed especially to Floyd. On board were scientists David Bowman and Frank Poole as well as other members of the crew suspended by way of cryogenic hibernation. HAL and the Discovery will be trapped in Jupiter's orbit, with insufficient fuel to escape. One group is hard, logical, worried and even calculating. Edit Nine years after the Discovery 's travel to Jupiter , a joint Soviet-American crew is heading for the mighty gas-planet to find out what happened to the Discovery and its crew. You immediately wanted to know more upon finishing the film, of course you did. Then there are several lengthy scientific expository passages leading up to the rendezvous with the Discovery which are too dry for my taste. November Learn how and when to remove this template message The special effects for The Year We Make Contact were filmed on 65mm film the live action scenes were filmed on 35mm and, due to the differences in film size and ratio, there is a noticeable "cut off" area at the side of the picture during the space scenes when the film is viewed in widescreen. Heywood Floyd resigned his position as head of the National Council of Astronautics. They correctly believe that Lucifer was not always there. The Bowman Family: In a series of flashbacks and literal movements through space and time, the newly-ascended character of David Bowman remembers, interacts with, and makes some peace with his old human life.

Clarke appears as a man on a park bench outside the White House which is out-of-frame in the pan-and-scan version, but visible in the letterboxed and widescreen versions. This movie adds a layer of humanity to an otherwise sterile narrative that could have felt as far away as Jupiter itself.

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Heywood Floyd and the rest of the crew who made it to Jupiter. Minor characters[ edit ] The Floyd Family: Floyd is described as having had two families. The climax of the book is a real humdinger and the epilogue is also great.

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I recommend this book with the above-mentioned reservations. In order to maintain the realism of the lighting in outer space, in which light would usually come from a single light source in this case, the Sun , Edlund and Hyams decided that blue-screen photography would not be used for shooting the space scenes. However, in appreciation for HAL's help, Bowman has the aliens which control the monoliths remove HAL's artificial intelligence from Discovery's computer core and transform him into the same kind of life form as David Bowman, and become his companion. Chandra; in the film A Space Odyssey , it is Mr. During its second week, the film faced competition from two other new sci-fi films; John Carpenter's Starman and David Lynch's Dune , [13] but ultimately outgrossed both of them by the end of its domestic theatrical run. As for David Bowman, he has become something posthuman, but still retains much of his humanity in his thoughts and actions. HAL's telescope observations reveal that the "Great Black Spot" is, in fact, a vast population of monoliths, increasing at an exponential rate, which appear to be eating the planet. HAL also re-appears as a major character. Uninformed about the true purpose of the operation, HAL suggests to Chandra to stop the launch and remain to study Jupiter's conversion. However, Banks' material was rejected [8] and David Shire was then selected to compose the soundtrack, which he co-produced along with Craig Huxley. And yet we live in a most practical time, and they say every decade gets the movies it deserves. This was one of the first instances of what the studio would later refer to as "Digital Scene Simulation", a concept they would take to the next level with The Last Starfighter.
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